It’s almost the end of Q1 and this week there are 6 new entries within the Entertainment Software Top 40 (Units), 4 of which take the Top 4.  In comparison, this week last year there was only 1 new release (EA’s ‘Mass Effect Andromeda’) and that outsold the week 1 for all 6 from this week.  Debuting at No1 this week is Ubisoft’s long-awaited ‘Sea of Thieves’ Xbox One box release. 

EA’s ‘Burnout Paradise Remastered’ for PS4/Xbox One is a remaster of 2008’s 360/PS3 original, and claims No1 this week,  just like ‘Bunout Paradise’ did back in week 4, 2008.  ‘Burnout’ as a franchise has existed since the first Criterion-developed/Acclaim-published game launched in 2001 on PS2. 

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